Our pieces are produced and assembled in Hungary.

Supporting local professionals is a vital element of our sustainability concept. The contributing manufacturers deliver excellent quality and individual care crucial to perfect execution.
Participation of both the designer and the manufacturers is essential in the processes.
Instead of large-scale production companies, we trust small factories with strong handicraft backgrounds for the precise workout of each concept.

Besides modern technologies such as CNC milling, deep drawing, and semi-automated metal spinning, our work includes a great range of handiwork—like enamel spraying, organic oil surface treatment and metal patination.
Our privileged partner, EMA-Lion, has been in the cooking utensils trade since 1909. Their tradition and expertise in enamelling is a value that top design can benefit from now. The shop assembling the light fixtures has 35 years of profession and provides a living for dozens of locals in a disadvantaged region. The carpenters behind our furniture give the most attention, effort, and patience needed.

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