First thing: delight. Knowing how to play is the best route to sensational things, and items available in this house all go for a certain intensity and fun. The elementary motifs making them are puzzles and answers—beyond their captivating presence, they read as tradition and practice, experimenting and revelations, integrity and choices.

One's scope can be human dimensions or capacity or the extensions of it. Or a set of choices that define an entire world and ahead, similar to circular waves risen by a pulse in the middle. While rolling through realms, the expressivity of these pieces—or the provocation to play, if you like—also endures through time to expand margins.
What can you "scope" with?
We share the same universe—from the playful mind to the big picture, we learn and improve. Embracing our choices is embracing and growing our connected worlds. So immerse, bond, and sort among the items here as they show clues for subtle and lasting pieces, for fullness' sake.

Attend the game and boost your scope!
The designer, Annabella Hevesi's weapons of choice are responsive and conscious gestures by all means, always with the long run in mind. Her ways include connecting design heritage and current technologies, mastering attention and chiselling fine points to the max. Playing around with simple formulas, she spots the coherence of particular and total, a harmony that amplifies from one to a whole.
Design heritage and current technologies.